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Touch the hearts of your viewers by licensing one of Trevor Justice’s songs.

Justice owns 100% of the publishing and masters to his songs. If you need a song that Justice hasn’t written yet, you can commission him to write it.
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All ten songs on Justice’s CD “Live Without Fear” are broadcast quality. Click on any title below to hear a 30-second clip.

Upbeat Song Titles Tempo Mood Summary
Sunshine Medium fast Funky guitar groove with classic R&B backup vocals You light up my world.
Who Will Rescue The Earth And Sky Medium fast Jamming anthem with an acoustic groove The planet’s fate is in our hands.
Give Thanks Medium grooving piano Alternates from piano groove to ballad with strings A homeless man teaches me to give thanks.
Ballad Titles      
Fortress Slow Soulful piano ballad I’m afraid to love and be heartbroken again.
So I Believed Slow Jazzy piano ballad a la Norah Jones I never confessed my love until it was too late.
A New Life Slow 3/4 Rootsy acoustic guitar ballad with strings A cowboy gives up his career ambitions to raise a child.
Angsty Song Titles      
Six Months To Live Fast 6/8 Provocative and pulsing with energy. Two against three. How I’d live if I only had six months left.
Take A Stand Medium fast Rebellious anthem, pulsing music, fat backup choir. Together we’ll triumph over the powers that be.
Red White And Blue Medium Angsty vocal; tortured guitar with drum loop. I believed in my country’s flag and was betrayed.
Qualified Alternates from slow to fast Alternates from ballad to belting over dirty guitars. The bittersweet experience of turning eighteen