Marketing Trainer Shows Your Direct Selling Reps How To Attract Hungry, Pre-Sold Prospects

Planning your direct selling convention? Do you want to improve retention and increase sales?

Then enhance your usual lineup of sales trainers with Trevor Justice, an award-winning motivational business speaker, Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist, and self-made millionaire who shows your independent reps why and how to advertise, delegate, and automate.

As an advertising copywriter, Trevor has made millions for clients like Aweber, Mypoints, and Robert Allen, author of the NY Times bestseller “Nothing Down”.

He also founded and sold an online school, largely thanks to his million dollar advertising copy, automation, and effective delegation. Book Trevor today, and show your attendees how to scale their businesses just like he did.

Direct Selling Sales Trainer

Program #1: Earn More Working Less: Leverage For Direct Selling Reps

Do your independent reps juggle everything by themselves – networking, marketing, self-promotion, admin work, etc. – leaving little time for prospecting and selling? That’s poor time management and kills work life balance. They need better entrepreneur skills!

Trevor inspires them to stop being penny wise and dollar foolish. He shows them why and how to advertise, delegate and automate, so they sell more every month. Takeaways:

  • Effective delegation: get positive ROI from hiring assistants so it’s a profitable investment, not an expense.
  • Pre-sell with ads and online videos so prospects choose you, not your competitors.
  • Discover why doing everything yourself costs you more money than it saves.
  • Be inspired to advertise, delegate, and automate before losing potential customers and opportunities to your competitors.

Program #2: Attract Hungry Prospects

Not everyone has success marketing to their friends and relatives. What’s more, fear of rejection makes many of your independent reps procrastinate.

That’s why Trevor shows them how to attract qualified leads who are actively seeking products like yours. Once your reps get some early wins under their belts, their confidence will soar. But that’s not all. Takeaways:

Direct Selling Sales Trainer

  • Attract qualified leads with free and dirt-cheap advertising.
  • Persuade with stories, and never come off as "pushy". Learn to combine success stories with tales of unfortunate people who chose the wrong solution, or none at all.
  • Prioritize the right prospects. Learn to qualify prospects, and determine whether or not they’re ripe for your products – before you stick your neck out.
  • Diagnose before you prescribe. Use questions to uncover areas of discontent, making prospects more receptive to your solution. After all, what Doctor would prescribe a drug without first diagnosing the problem?

Direct Selling Sales Trainer

Program #3: Create Fearless Go-Getters Who Never Quit

Want better retention and more sales? Your independent reps will feel a new sense of urgency, realizing the cost of playing it safe.

With inspirational songs, humor, and riveting stories about courage, Trevor’s Trevor’s quintessential motivational speech about overcoming fear pulls at their heartstrings in a way other speakers can’t. It renews their enthusiasm, breathes new life into their ambitions, and wakes them up for your breakout sessions. Takeaways:

  • Realize the opportunity cost of waiting.
  • Feel the confidence and courage to pick up the phone and follow up on prospects.
  • Discover five risk/reward questions for choosing the right path to your goals.
  • Overcome procrastination by making yourself accountable to others. (Because goal setting rarely works when there are no consequences for missing the deadlines!)
  • Slay your fear of rejection, overcome your fear of failure, and become a millionaire, just like Trevor did.

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